Knowledge of Spiral Welded Pipe

Helical welded pipe is a pipe in which the welds are spirally distributed on the pipe. It used for conveying pipelines, pipe piles and structural pipes. Product specification: outer diameter 300~3660mm, wall thickness 3.2~25.4mm.

The characteristics of spiral welded pipe:

(1) Pipes with various outer diameters can be produced from the same width strips;

(2) The straightness of the pipe is good, the size is accurate, and the inner and outer spiral welds increase the rigidity of the pipe body, so there is no need for sizing and straightening processes after welding;

(3) It is easy to realize mechanization, automation and continuous production;

(4) Compared with other equipment of similar scale, its size, the land occupation and investment are small; 

(5) Compared with the straight seam welded pipe of the same size, the welding seam per unit length of the pipe is longer.

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