Characteristics of Xiangjia SSAW Steel Pipe

SSAW steel pipe, a pipe in which the weld is helically distributed relative to the axis of the pipe body. Used for conveying pipes, pipe piles and structural pipes. Product specifications: outer diameter 300-3660mm, wall thickness 3.2-25.4mm.

The characteristics of SSAW steel pipe are:

1. The same width strip can be used to produce pipes with different outer diameters;

2. The pipe has good flatness and precise dimensions. The spiral weld increase the rigidity of the pipe, so there is no need for sizing and straightening after welding;

3. Easy to realize mechanization, automation and continuous production;

4. Compared with other equipment, it has small dimensions, land occupation and investment are smaller;

5. Compared with the straight seam welded pipe of the same size, the weld of SSAW steel pipe per unit length of the pipe is longer, so the productivity is lower.