Seamless Steel Pipes helps to Reconstruction 10 Million Shanty in 5 Years

The "Policy of Accelerating the Reconstruction of Shanty Towns by the State Council" published by the government website on July put forward our country's goal of renovating 10 million various types shanty within five years. Which will improved the housing conditions of residents and the level of infrastructure and public service facilities.

Shanty town reconstruction will have big demands on seamless pipe, other steel products, cement, plywood etc.which will stimulate steel field and construction development. It is not only a major livelihood project, but also a major investment project. We believes that the transformation of shanty towns and the construction of new urbanization will be the “focus” of the iron and steel industry in the next few years, as well as the “life-saving straw” of the industry, which will bring vitality to the steel market.