Three Production Process of Large Diameter Welded Pipe

The production process of large-diameter welded pipe is can be divided into the 3 types:

1. Large-diameter spiral steel pipe is made by hot-rolled steel coils and welded by spiral coiling. Because it is spiral weld, so it also called spiral welded steel pipe. 

2. Large-diameter straight seam steel pipes are coiled and welded with hot-rolled steel coils and medium-thick plates. Because there is one or two straight seams on pipe, so it also called straight seam steel pipes.

The process is divided into two types: 1. double-sided submerged arc welding process, most are large-diameter thick-wall welded pipe. 2.  high-frequency welding process, mainly are small-diameter thin-wall welded pipes.

3. Large-diameter coiled pipe, using medium and thick plates as raw material, coiled with a pipe rolling machine, rounded, and then submerged arc welding process, because its welding shape is like a T-shape, it is also called a T-shaped welded pipe.

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